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Controlling Moss and Algae on Contemporary Roofs in Niagara on the Lake

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Addressing moss and algae growth on contemporary asphalt shingle roofs involves practical solutions for immediate results. For long-lasting prevention in the Niagara on the Lake area, Malarkey introduces shingles with advanced 3M™ Copper Granules. These provide a resilient barrier against algae.

Persistent Problems: Moss and Algae in Humid Climates

Moss and algae development on asphalt shingles is common, especially in wet regions like Niagara on the Lake. Left unchecked, these organic intruders can damage your roof, causing leaks and costly repairs. It is crucial for expert roofing contractors to inspect your roof regularly. They should remove moss and algae to maintain the roof’s condition and extend its lifespan.

Shingles and Their Challenges

Black spots and streaks often seen on roofs are usually algae, often mistaken for mold or mildew. These form where moisture accumulates, particularly in humid environments like Niagara on the Lake. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) notes that algae discoloration starts as small spots. These quickly become streaks. By the time you notice algae, it has likely been there for months.

Conversely, moss is a plant that absorbs water through its leaves. It thrives in damp conditions, like those in the Pacific Northwest and Niagara on the Lake. Moss commonly appears on north-facing slopes that stay moist longer. Overhanging branches provide shade and drop debris, creating a moist, nutrient-rich environment, per ARMA. Unlike algae, moss can lift or curl shingle edges, increasing the risk of detachment in wind.

Proactive Prevention in Niagara on the Lake

Preventing moss and algae growth is better than treating it. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning gutters and trimming trees, is crucial. Roofing professionals often use brooms or leaf blowers to clear roofs. These steps help prevent moisture build-up and reduce moss and algae growth chances.

Without protection, roofs in damp climates like Niagara on the Lake can develop black streaks within three years. Several Malarkey shingle lines combat this with Algae Resistance (AR) that includes 3M™ Copper Granules. These granules release copper ions that inhibit algae growth. Malarkey’s shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector contain at least a 10% blend of these granules. Malarkey is proud to be the first U.S. shingle manufacturer to earn the Scotchgard™ Protector label from 3M.

Why Not Just Clean the Roof?

Roof cleaning can be dangerous. Homeowners without the right training or equipment should hire professionals. Pressure washing to remove algae can be slippery and may strip granules from shingles, compromising their defense against damage and aging.

Maintenance Choices for Old Asphalt Roofs in Niagara on the Lake

If new algae-resistant shingles are not an option, several strategies can limit moss and algae. Chemical treatments involve applying a cleaning solution to kill moss and algae and prevent their return. ARMA recommends a mix of chlorine bleach and water, but this can harm the environment. A safer option is white vinegar, which is less harmful and cost-effective.

Manual removal involves scraping or brushing off moss and algae. This method is effective but labor-intensive. Excessive walking on shingles can also hasten their degradation.

Installing Zinc or Copper Strips

Installing these strips can prevent moss and algae by releasing metal ions, similar to the action of 3M™ Copper Granules.

Effort and basic household items can keep your asphalt shingles free from moss and algae. In wet areas like Niagara on the Lake, choosing algae-resistant shingles is advisable. Always prioritize safety when working on roofs. Most often, it is best to hire a professional roofing contractor.

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