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Flameless solutions for SBS-modified bitumen roofs have been around for some time, but recent advancements in technology and a more diverse product offering have made them suitable for various roofing types.

In the past, hot asphalt and torch application methods were more popular for SBS-modified bitumen low-slope roofs due to the long curing times, odor, and high VOC content of waterproofing membrane adhesives. However, the manufacturing processes and composition of self-adhesive and cold-applied products have significantly improved, leading to increased interest in their use.

Benefits of Flameless Solutions for All Building Types

The evolved flameless solutions offer numerous advantages:

  • Adaptability: Suitable for all building types, including hospitals, historic buildings, schools, airports, and food facilities
  • Safety: Reduced risk of fire and burns, as well as lower VOC emissions for worker health
  • Compliance: Tested and meeting Canadian Standards Association (CSA A123.21) standards
  • Cost-effectiveness: Lower project costs and insurance fees due to the absence of open flames or hot kettles
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduced air pollutant emissions
  • Faster installation: Time savings with self-adhesive flameless systems, as they require fewer materials and eliminate waiting time for hot kettle preheating


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SOPREMA’s Innovative Flameless Solutions

SOPREMA is a leading company in developing innovative products, technologies, and installation methods for SBS-modified bitumen low-slope roofs.

Key flameless solutions from SOPREMA include:

  • DUO SELVEDGE and SOPRAMATIC: Membranes featuring a unique technology to protect components under the base sheet from torch flames, ensuring uniform and constant fusion
  • 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD SANDED and 2-1 SOPRASMART BOARD SANDED: Factory-laminated roof panels offering quick and easy installation with minimal temperature limitations
  • COLPLY EF and SOPRATACK: Cold-applied adhesives with very low VOC content and fast cure times for optimal performance
  • COLVENT BASE 840 and COLPLY BASE 410: Base sheet membranes composed of SBS-modified bitumen, offering dimensional stability and excellent resistance to puncture and tearing
  • SOPRAPLY STICK DUO: A base sheet membrane with a composite reinforcement and SBS-modified bitumen, designed for cold weather applications
  • SOPRAPLY STICK TRAFFIC CAP and SOPRASTAR STICK GR: Self-adhesive cap sheet membranes that reduce heat absorption, lowering the surface temperature and contributing to LEED Sustainable Site Credit 7.2.

SOPREMA offers an extensive range of flameless solutions for conventional roof systems and protected roof membrane (PMR) assemblies, backed by their Mammouth Platinum warranties. With SOPREMA leading the way in flameless roofing solutions, property owners and contractors can benefit from safer, more adaptable, and cost-effective roofing alternatives.



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