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As we embark on a journey through the often-overlooked world of roofing, there’s one name that stands out from the crowd – Malarkey Legacy Shingles. This product, with its unique combination of durability and aesthetic appeal, is setting new standards in the roofing industry. But what is the tale behind this industry titan? Let’s delve deeper into the story of Malarkey Legacy Shingles and their remarkable contribution to roofing.

The Unrivalled Durability of Malarkey Legacy Shingles

Exceptional Lifespan and Endurance

Malarkey Legacy Shingles are renowned for their exceptional lifespan. Designed to resist extreme weather conditions, these shingles provide long-term durability. Let’s breakdown some of their most impressive features:
• Flexible Mat Design: A unique feature of Malarkey Legacy Shingles is their flexible, rubberized mat design. This makes them resistant to cracks, enhancing their durability.
• Advanced Sealant: These shingles use advanced sealant technology, ensuring a secure bond and top-tier wind resistance.

Weather Resistance

Resistant to extreme weather conditions, Malarkey Legacy Shingles are designed to withstand:
• High Winds: Tested for winds up to 110 mph, these shingles demonstrate superior wind resistance.
• Hail: Manufactured with impact resistance in mind, these shingles offer excellent protection against hail damage.

Legacy Shingles
Legacy Shingles

Malarkey Legacy Shingles: Making a Mark in Sustainability

Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process

Malarkey Legacy Shingles reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability. Here’s how they contribute to a greener planet:
• Recycled Materials: Malarkey uses recycled materials in their shingles, reducing landfill waste.
• Energy Efficient: The reflective granules on Malarkey Legacy Shingles help lower cooling costs by reflecting heat away from home.

Environmental Certifications

As an industry leader, Malarkey has earned several certifications for its eco-friendly approach:
• ENERGY STAR Certification: For their contribution to energy efficiency.
• LEED Points: Malarkey shingles can contribute towards LEED points, helping buildings achieve green certification.

Malarkey Vista Shingles vs. Malarkey Legacy Shingles: What’s the Difference?

Comparative Analysis

Malarkey’s product range includes both Vista and Legacy Shingles. While they share some similarities, there are crucial differences:
• Durability: While both offer excellent durability, the Legacy series stands out with its superior impact resistance.
• Design: Vista shingles offer a traditional laminate look, while Legacy shingles showcase a distinct, rugged wood-shake appearance.


  1. How long do Malarkey Legacy Shingles last? Malarkey Legacy Shingles are designed to last for many decades, with some homeowners reporting a lifespan of up to 50 years.
  2. Are Malarkey Legacy Shingles environmentally friendly? Yes, Malarkey Legacy Shingles are made from recycled materials and are ENERGY STAR certified, making them an eco-friendly choice for homeowners.


The legacy of Malarkey Legacy Shingles is one of unrivaled durability and environmental stewardship. From their inception, these shingles have continually set industry standards, offering homeowners a product that beautifully balances performance, aesthetics, and sustainability. Whether you’re comparing them to Malarkey Vista Shingles or any other product on the market, the Legacy series stands as a testament to Malarkey’s commitment to quality and innovation in roofing. Experience the Malarkey difference for yourself! At AJT Roofing and Contracting, we proudly install Malarkey Legacy Shingles, offering you a roofing solution that’s durable, eco-friendly, and incredibly attractive. Why wait to improve the longevity and visual appeal of your home? Contact AJT Roofing and Contracting today, and let us provide you with a roofing legacy that stands the test of time. Call us now to schedule a free consultation!

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