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Looking for affordable and reliable roofing solutions in Port Colborne, Ontario? AJT Roofing and Contracting is your trusted provider! Our certified contractors specialize in a variety of services, from repairs and maintenance to full installations. We use top-quality materials designed to endure the local climate, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction. Let AJT Roofing and Contracting safeguard your home with expert care and professionalism.

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Our team in Port Colborne, Ontario specializes in shingle roofing. We use top-quality materials such as NEX® Rubberized Asphalt to guarantee durability and a long lifespan for your home’s roof. With a range of styles, from architectural to designer, our shingles not only hold up against challenges like hail but also assist in purifying the air from pollutants. Additionally, they elevate the aesthetic allure of your roof.

At AJT Roofing & Contracting in Port Colborne, Ontario, we specialize in flat roofing solutions. We employ the esteemed SOPREMA Modified Bitumen material, celebrated for its durability, weather resistance, and adaptability. Our team ensures swift and effective installation, tailored to the distinctive needs of your building.

At AJT Roofing & Contracting in Port Colborne, Ontario, we are at the forefront of providing advanced solar ventilation solutions. By harnessing the sun’s power, we guarantee optimal attic ventilation all year round. As a certified contractor for Canada Go Green solar vents, we are devoted to presenting eco-friendly solutions that not only improve the comfort of your home but also contribute to a sustainable environment.

In Port Colborne, Ontario, we illuminate your living spaces by seamlessly integrating the splendor of the outdoors with our top-notch skylight solutions. If your preference leans towards solar-powered venting skylights that utilize the sun’s energy or manual venting skylights that offer easy control, we have you covered. For those seeking a budget-friendly option, our fixed skylights are ideal to drench your interiors with sunlight, boosting both beauty and energy savings. Rest assured, every skylight we install is crafted with a no-leak design, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and your complete peace of mind.

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